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5083-H112 Marine Aluminum Sheet

5083-H112 Marine Aluminum Sheet
Alloy Series:5083
Temper: O,H32,H112
Thickness: 5-100mm, tolerance: +/-0.02mm
Width: 1000-1500mm, tolerance:+/-1mm
Length: 2000-6000mm, tolerance:+/-1mm
Surface: Mill finish


5083-H112 Marine Aluminum Sheet

Marine Aluminum Sheet Alloy 5083 is a rust-proof aluminum alloy of AL-MG series, which cannot be heat-treated. The magnesium content of this alloy is lower than that of 5A05 alloy, higher than that of 5A03 alloy, and its properties are between 5A05 and 5A03. The plasticity of the alloy is good, but the strength is low.Its corrosion resistance and weldability is good, annealing state cutting performance is very poor

The 5083-H112 marine aluminum sheet is specifically designed and manufactured for use in marine environments due to its exceptional properties and performance. Here are some key features:

  1. High Corrosion Resistance: The 5083-H112 aluminum alloy offers excellent resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for marine applications where exposure to saltwater and harsh environmental conditions is common. This property ensures the durability and longevity of marine structures and components.

  2. Superior Strength: Despite its lightweight nature, the 5083-H112 aluminum sheet provides superior strength and durability, meeting the stringent requirements of marine construction and offshore industries. It offers high tensile and yield strength, contributing to the structural integrity and safety of marine vessels and offshore platforms.

  3. Excellent Weldability: The 5083-H112 marine aluminum sheet exhibits excellent weldability, allowing for ease of fabrication and assembly in marine construction projects. It can be easily welded using various welding techniques, ensuring efficient and reliable construction processes.

  4. Formability and Machinability: This aluminum alloy possesses good formability and machinability, enabling it to be shaped, formed, and machined into complex parts and components required for marine structures and equipment. It offers versatility in design and construction, accommodating diverse marine engineering needs.

  5. Certified for Marine Applications: The 5083-H112 marine aluminum sheet meets international standards and specifications for marine applications, including those set by classification societies such as DNV, ABS, and LR. It undergoes rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure compliance with industry requirements.

In summary, the 5083-H112 marine aluminum sheet offers exceptional corrosion resistance, superior strength, excellent weldability, and certified quality, making it the preferred choice for marine construction, shipbuilding, offshore platforms, and other marine applications.

Processing property:

1. Formability  The alloy cold process plasticity is good

2. Welding performance  The welding performance of the alloy is good in argon arc welding, followed by resistance welding and spot welding, and poor in gas welding. Not suitable for brazing

3. Machinability  The machinability of the alloy is poor

Contract No.
Lot No.
Dimension (mm)0.5-150Alloy5083Piece Count
Techuique StandardGB/T3190--1996/ENWeight(kg)
Chemical Composition(%)

Notice:Aluminum foil not contains Pb、As and other Virose elements
Mechanical Property
TemperThicknessTensile Strength(Mpa)Strength(Mpa)Elongation%Cup Bulge

Productivity: 1500 tons per month             Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: China                                Supply Ability: 1050 tons per month

Certificate: ISO9001                                   HS Code: 76061199

Payment Type: L/C,T/T                              In co term: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW

Used to make parts that require moderate strength and good corrosion resistance, such as welded fireproof pressure vessels, parts for television towers, parts for Marine, automobile and aircraft vehicles, and armor plates

Packing: Strong seaworthy wooden pallet or customized

Loading Port: Shanghai,Ningbo,Xiamen,Qingdao


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